1° prix Egaltitude
"Intergénération 2011"
Lauréat du programme Impact d’Ashoka 2013
Finaliste du Prix Européen de l’Innovation Sociale
Budapest octobre 2013

A wonderful "win-win"

You are a householder

  • looking for increased confidence in living at home, 
  • companionship, and
  • some additional income…

We offer a solution providing a reassuring presence and a student-lodger matched to your need.

You are a student

  • with an open-minded and friendly personality,
  • looking for comfortable accommodation to support your studies…

We offer a solution providing homely and cost-effective accommodation.

You are a family

  • looking for reliable assistance with child-care,
  • reduced ‘babysitting’ costs,
  • some help at home…

We offer a friendly student-lodger matched to your needs.

Intergenerational housing is for you!