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"Intergénération 2011"
Lauréat du programme Impact d’Ashoka 2013
Finaliste du Prix Européen de l’Innovation Sociale
Budapest octobre 2013

You are a family

"Kot-sitting" Option

With a regular presence and a share of the chores.

In this arrangement, the student commits to provide a regular presence at home as well as completing a few chores (maximum 5 hours per week).

You are provided with :

  • reliable assistance with child-care (e.g. collecting a child from school or nursery, read stories, baby-sitting, homework help…)
  • spare time for your hobbies
  • savings on ‘baby-sitting’ costs

An allowance of € 180 will be paid to you by the student each month for their accommodation.

Your annual subscription to the association will be € 250, renewable every year in September. For participants joining the scheme after January, part-year subscription rates are available, to reflect the remaining number of months, with a minimum subscription of € 100.  

1 Toit 2 Ages offers to members of Partenamut and Euromut a reduction of € 50 to the subscription for every first enrolment.
Your annual subscription to the association allows us to exist.

Principles for all options

  • The householder and student will meet in order to decide if they want to proceed with the arrangement
  • The accommodation agreement will be signed by both the student and householder.
  • The student will not sub-let or have visitors to the accommodation, day or night, without the agreement of the householder.
  • No student will be asked to provide personal care to a householder (e.g. assistance with washing, dressing, giving drugs etc); they are not a substitute for home-carers or for professional medical or nursing assistance. For those who wish it, it is possible to subscribe an insurance with 1Toit 2Ages. The price is 100 euros / year.
  • The contracts are effective during the normal university academic year - from September to the end of June. 
  • The student will keep the space they occupy clean and tidy.
  • In order to move-in, the student must take insurance for civil-familial and fire or water damage.
  • The householder will maintain appropriate occupiers liability and property insurance and will declare to their insurer the presence of a student at their house. If they are renting the property they will ask for permission from the house owner as necessary.

We are an intermediary between the two parties. We can intervene if there is a problem.