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Support us 

                                                   Support us

Why support us ?


To help all young people in real financial difficulty who cannot afford to pay their occupancy allowance or annual membership fee.

A special fund wishes to be able to support these students and enable them to start or continue their education.



To actively and concretely fight against the isolation of our elders and create new matches.

This requires staff and costs that are becoming difficult to meet.


To date, more than 1600 matches have been created, please help us to guarantee this service and quality in Belgium




  20 -50 -100- 1000…. €

Monthly or punctual, every donation counts.

IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0000 0404


COMMUNICATION: 018/0200/00093

We thank you very much for your generosity

All donations of €40 or more are tax deductible in Belgium and benefit from a 45% tax reduction (article 145/33 of the income tax code).

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