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   Who we are

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Who we are
1 Toit 2 Ages: A desire to bring generations together

Grandparents have always welcomed young students, grandchildren or not, into their homes in a spirit of mutual support. In the 1990s, this cohabitation was structured, supervised by programmes that ensured its proper functioning, thus avoiding any drift or abuse. Intergenerational housing is born!


In Belgium, it was in July 2009 that Régis and Claire de Kerautem created 1toit2ages programme. It started in Brussels before continuing its development three years later in Wallonia, following numerous calls from seniors and students motivated by this win-win project.


1toit2ages is composed of a team with very diverse profiles; lawyer, social worker, journalist, neuropsychologist, economist, professors, senior... each one bringing his skills, his knowledge, his sensitivity and his listening to this purely Human project.

Our mission

Breaking the loneliness of the elderly and facilitating access to housing for students.

Our dream ?

A society where generations support and enrich each other.

We believe in it and are doing everything we can to achieve it!


Festive events organized by the non-profit organization (afternoon games, intergenerational dinner, visits...) allow us to touch this enrichment and strongly encourage us to continue and dream.....

Quelques chiffres
Some Numbers
More than an ambition, 1 Toit 2 Ages is experiencing sustained growth
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Historical background
Notre histoire
Above all, a human history


1 Toit 2 Ages Winner of the "Association" Montaigne Trophy

Partnership with Carrefour Market.

Participation in the 5th World Homeshare Congress in Madrid


Opening of 1Toit 2Ages in Tournai

Participation in the project of an intergenerational residential building in Brussels.



Opening of 1Toit 2Ages in Nivelles and Braine-le-Comte



Opening of 1 Roof 2 Ages in Gembloux

BNP Paribas Fortis exhibition in Namur

Selection of 1 Toit 2 Ages at the Louvain-la-Neuve Intergenerational Film Festival



Winner of the Ashoka Impact Program

Opening of 1 Roof 2 Ages à Marche en Famenne

Finalist of the European Social Innovation Prize of the European Investment Bank



Opening of 1 Toit 2 Ages in Mons, Charleroi and Liège

1 Toit 2 Ages is recognized as an Association d'Insertion Par le Logement (AIPL) in Brussels Capital



Opening of 1Toit2Ages in Namur and LLN


Creation of the programme 1Toit 2Ages in Brussels.

Nos Récompenses
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Capture d’écran 2022-11-03 225759.png

2011: 1er Prix Egaltitude catégorie "Intergénérationnel" en Wallonie
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