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Questions from seniors

Why accomodate a student at home ?

To offer good studying conditions, to be less alone and feel safer, o gain an extra income.


From what age can I welcome a student ?

From 50.

Who are the student that we propose ?


They are between 18 and 28 years old, Belgian and/or foreigner, boys and girls all studying in Brussels. There are plenty of young students coming to Brussels so we can find someone to suit your needs. 


What type of accomodation do I need to offer ? 


The student absolutely needs a room to himself, a minimum of 10sqm, equipped with a bed, a table and a cupboard or shelf so he can store his belongings..


Is it possible to end the cohousing before its terms ? 


Yes, on the condition you respect a month's advice as foreseen in the contract. Mostly we will find a solution very quickly.


Can I host a student if I'm not the owner ? 


Yes,  with the agreement of the owner of your home.


When to inscribe ? 


Whenever you want, all year round students come to Brussels for studies or internships. 

There is however a high-season in September and October. 


What happens during summer holidays ? 


All contract expire in the mont of June.

However if you agree with the student to continue during the summer, we can extend the contract by 2 months.
If the student decide to leave in June and you don't wish to stay alone over the summer, we will try to find somebody suiting your needs and according to our possibilities. 


Does the student need access to all of my home ?


No, only sanitary and kitchen are indispensable. But if you agree you can share your living room and garden in the spirit of cohousing and exchange.


What happens if I need to leave for holidays or health issues ?


Nothing, the student will stay in your home until your return. This is based on mutual restect and trust. We will supervise the student.


What happens for eating ?


Two possibilities :
Either you give room in your kitchen for the student to store his food and you cook and eat separately.
Or you have supper together, mostly the senior would decide what's on the menu, has the shopping done ?? and invites the student for dinner, the student in his turn prepares meal, dines with the senior and does the disches, leaves a clean kitchen. 
You will never have to cook for the student.


What happens if there's a personal problem with the student you have proposed ?


Firstly, we'll communicate your remarks for the student to adjust behaviours and mostly this will suffice. If however a problem continues to exist, we'll ask the student to leave on the terms of the contract which includes one month leave.


Do I need to take some sort of insurance ?


No, but you need to have a legal familial and water/fire insurances.


In case there is no rent, should I ask for a deposit ?

It's advised to ask a deposit.

What is the amount of the deposit ?

You decide on the amount, we'd advise between 100 and 200 eur for a room in the services contract and on month of "rent" for a classic formula. 
The senior will have to cash the deposit and return it after the student leaves.

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