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Civil liability and rental insurance are mandatory

In accordance with the commitments entered into and included in our accommodation agreement, the student must be in order with regard to his insurance (civil liability and rental) at the time he settles in with the host.

These insurances are mandatory and cover the student for any damage caused to the home of the host and falling under the student's responsibility.


If you are a foreign student and unless you have an extension of family insurance linked to your home, you must take out these insurances.


1Toit2Ages programme offers 1Toit2Ages student members a "Peace of mind" insurance for the sum of 100€/year. This annual insurance includes rental insurance. It covers the student's content for an amount of 5000€.


To subscribe, please click on the link below (ttps:// Be careful, once the link is completed and sent back, your contract is automatically issued by the insurance company, which will send you an acknowledgement of receipt.

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