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You are a private owner, a public institution..
Do you want to create intergenerational housing in your building or house ? 
Contact us, we will be happy to find together the best way to make this place solidary and intergenerational. 
2016 : Rue du Beau Site -  Brussels
Expert in Intergenerational Housing, 1Toit2Ages contributed to the development of the 
1st intergenerational building in Belgium.

In collaboration with the LE RELAIS from  Woluwe saint Pierre (Brussels) : 30 studios 
 2018 : Building rue Steyls - Brussels
  In collaboration with le Fonds du Logement : 22 accommodations
2019 : Immeuble rue de la Victoire - Bruxelles
En collaboration avec l'AISE et l'AIS de St Gilles: 42 logements
2019 : EKLA Project
In collaboration with Molenbeek - Brussels  (ongoing project)
Do you want to set up an intergenerational project?